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Welcome To The Future of Workplace Investigations

Everyone assumes an investigator will be judgement free, but we teach how to make that a reality using empathy. And story telling is the way to invoke empathy in a situation. We teach you and your team the techniques that allow the accuser, the accused and witnesses to all feel heard. feel respected and view the process as fair.

Empathic Investigation Training

We offer training for investigators, human resources and management at all levels. Our learning modules are customized to teach our unique techniques in building empathy. We also customize the curriculum to meet the specific needs of clients and their business requirements.

Empathic Investigation Workshops

We will advance your understanding of the entire anatomy of an empathic workplace investigation. Bring empathy to every stage, from accusation to documentation. Our workshops are enriched by decades of experience in human resources, employment law and forensic interviewing.

Hire Our Empathic Investigators

We perform empathic investigation services for companies. Our team of experienced empathic investigators are available to assist, consult or execute investigations in their entirety. We provide assistance with legal matters, conduct interviews and offer complete documentation.


Our Instructors

Angela Nino, CFI (Certified Forensic Interviewer) is the Founder and CEO of Empathic Workplace and the Improv Therapy Group. Angela teaches seminars on workplace interviews, investigations, and difficult conversations. Angela trains clients in question formulation; cognitive interviewing for victims, witnesses, and suspects; policy violation investigations; accusatory conversations and pre-employment interviewing. Angela is a graduate of the Second City Training Center improv program and has performed in several Second City Training Center shows. Angela is an active member of Chicago SHRM. Angela previously worked as an Instructor and Consultant with Wicklander-Zulawski Associates where she taught the art of Non-Confrontational Interview & Interrogation techniques and Behavior Interpretation to Human Resources, Loss Prevention / Asset Protection, Security Professionals, Auditors, Federal Government Agencies and Fortune 500 Companies. Angela has worked for Target Stores and Ralph Lauren Stores in the Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Fields and is a legacy member of the International Association of Interviewers.

Angela Nino

Founder, Empathic Workplace
Vanessa Smith is an experienced employment law attorney who has conducted hundreds of investigations. Her visibility to almost every type of investigation make her an expert in training on and handling sensitive matters involving difficult and/or potentially inflammatory subject matters, reducing liability and organizational disruption.As attorneys, we know both the law and the “nuts and bolts”of investigations, which is critical in handling investigations with HR professionals and communicating well with outside counsel.

Vanessa Smith

Employment Law Attorney & Trainer
Liu Montsho is a seasoned HR professional and organizational development specialist with over 12 years of experience.Her training specialties include leadership development, change management, instructional design and facilitation.  In her professional training career, she has been successful in applying blended instructional design techniques and methodologies using multiple virtual and face-to-face delivery methods including e-learning, classroom-based workshops, simulations, and interactive webinars.Liu’s work history includes managing the training functions for firms with up to 24,000 employees in the public, private and non-profit sectors. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership at Argosy University.

Liu Montsho

HR Consultant & Trainer


Empathy & Storytelling